Haat Finnish Wedding Media

Haat has been the most popular wedding media label in Finland since 1993.  We can deliver very efficient and modern wedding media platforms (printed wedding magazine, online wedding planner, social media channels and e-newsletters) for your brand when it comes to reaching Finnish brides and grooms.

Haat Wedding Magazine

Haat Finnish Wedding Magazine

Each edition of the printed magazine has about 81 900 readers and an average amount of 26 603 weddings (2013-2017) are held annually in Finland. Every bridal couple has bought at least one issue of Haat Finnish Wedding Magazine before their big day. The readers have a choice whether they want to buy a printed copy or a digital magazine at Haat Magazine is the only regularly published Finnish wedding magazine and the oldest Finnish bridal title since 1993.

Advertising examples at Haat Finnish Wedding Magazine
Full page advertisement EUR 2900
Content advertising: one product with picture and text 1/9 page EUR 350
Content advertising: full page with text and pictures EUR 1710

Next issues will go out in January and in October 2021. Please contact us for more details and package offer. Digital Wedding Planner is the number one online wedding website for Finnish brides and grooms. We had 47.000 unique visitors on average on our website per month in 2020 (1–12/2020), and this makes the biggest in Finland. At the digital wedding planner brides can navigate to get inspiration and find perfect rings at Ring Finder and gorgeous wedding dresses at Wedding Dress Finder as well as search for the best vendors for their wedding and honeymoon.

When brides and grooms Google for wedding inspiration they most likely land on our website first, because our SEO is very strong. The amount of visitors and registered members prove that we know what bridal couples are looking for. Besides brides and grooms, also over 1.000 vendors are connected to us and 90 percent of all active bridal stores and jewelry brands in Finland have created a vendor account at

Advertising examples at
Top Parade Banner with 50 000 views for EUR 1390
Banner Boxi 300×250 px with 30 000 views for EUR 430
Sponsored post with text, pictures and/or videos for 12 months at for EUR 390

Please contact us for more details and individual offer.


Haat Social Media

Haat social media channels with the total amount of over 15 000 followers are your most effective tools to support the high quality content in Haat Finnish Wedding Magazine and Online Wedding Planner.

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Sponsored social media posts at Haat’s Facebook and Instagram channels are available in packages starting from EUR 400



Haat – Finnish Wedding Media

Please do not hesitate to contact Sari or Tanja if you would like to have any further information about the leading Finnish bridal titles or wedding business in Finland!

Mrs Sari Yli-Salomäki, Editor-in-chief
tel. +358 40 5057345
sari.yli-salomaki (at)
Find Sari at LinkedIn

Mrs Tanja Hakala, Managing Editor
tel. +358 45 6314099
tanja.hakala (at)
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Editus Oy
Valikatu 2
tel. +358 40 5057345
haat (at)

Scandinavian Wedding Media

Haat Media collaborates with the other leading consumer wedding media – online and printed media & consumer fairs – in Nordic countries.


We have collaborated with Sari and Haat for 20 years, and have chosen to advertise with Haat this year because we recognize that Haat is the Finnish wedding magazine of choice. Haat has the ear of the Finnish brides due to their outstanding editorial content, and bridal expertise. We look forward to a successful partnership.
JUSTIN WARSHAW, President, Justin Alexander – Sincerity Bridal – Sweetheart – Lillian West, USA & Europe

Haat has always been an inspiring and pro-active partner for us in Finland. Making good use of all new media opportunities online gives Haat a distinct heads-up in the world of media available to us.

We have worked with Haat Magazine for over a decade and can honestly say that they offer the very best specialist bridal magazine for the Finnish market – we also just love the honest and professional formula that Sari brings to the magazine. In summary if you’re serious about the Finnish bridal market and want to develop a relationship built on success, then Haat is the only media you need to work with.
RICHARD MARSH, Rainbow Club Limited, England

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